The Fish Market

by Sue Leitch

Tasmanian mosaic artist Sue Leitch invites you to experience the colour, the noise, the smells, the shimmer of slick scales and spiked fins — of the fish markets of Italy and Greece. The fish are displayed with the greatest of care. The markets are noisy, vibrant and full of characters. From the Rialto in Venice to Palermo in Sicily and in the island markets of Greece, Sue observed the order and the disorder. At home in Tasmania, she has translated her experience into a series of mosaics. Some are based on real species, others are figments of her imagination. Sue explores different materials, textures, and mosaic styles through her fish. They are a mixture of traditional and contemporary design, melding ancient techniques and materials of Greece and Rome with newer materials. Click the link icon on each image below for full artwork details. See The Fish Market from Fri 26 Jun, in Moonah Arts Centre’s Avago window gallery from the forecourt on Albert Road, Moonah.

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