Exhibit MACGlenorchy Open 2020

Seduction of plastic

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Jillian Farmer
Seduction of plastic, 2020
Acrylic on canvas
76 x 76cm
I have been concerned for many years about the seduction of plastic and the consequences to our planet.  The state of our oceans is heightened when catastrophes occur such as major oil spills. In my work the ocean currents of the world are defined with the words “I would like my life back”, these were the words of a CEO of an oil company when he was interviewed after one such event. The Great Pacific garbage dump is a massive accumulation of discarded plastic both visible and invisible. Layers are broken down into microplastics and the ocean has dead spaces beneath where no life can flourish.To reflect this process the first layers of my work have been submerged and replaced with bright seductive plastic and a dead hole.

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