Exhibit MACGlenorchy Open 2020


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Rob Braslin
Rapture, 2019
Film Photography
42 x 59cm
This photo is one of my favourites I have taken since getting back into film photography. I was waiting for the bus a minute from my house and then scrambled to grab my camera out of my backpack when I saw this man standing a square of light so he could read his newspaper. It’s always a mystery when you use film, you dont know what you have until it’s developed or scanned and seeing this picture work out made me very happy, and the added bonus of the man standing under a sign that says Rapture *hair and beauty* which I didnt realise when taking the picture. I’m an athiest but this is literally a sign that says rapture. I used a Pentax ME Super with Portra 800 film and a 28-105mm zoom lens and had the film scanned at Walsh Optics and printed in the same building at Full Gamut.

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