Process Proves Perfection

by Catherine D’Orazio

Friday 21 August – Saturday 12 September 2020
Moonah Arts Centre

Artist’s Statement

Process, reflection and routine are the basis of Catherine D’Orazio’s art practice. Her non-objective colour-field watercolours express the emotional psyche and illuminate internal conditions.

Catherine has a highly ritualistic practice — laying down and pulling back highly pigmented watercolour layers and creating delicate fields of colour. With the addition and subtraction of paint on paper, Catherine visualises the pouring out of her emotions in an attempt to understand and control them.

These works are imbued with emotionality and encourage the viewer to have a personal response through immersion and contemplation.

“Process Proves Perfection” focuses on altering artistic process and relinquishing control to the medium as a means of exploring the nuances of emotion. The exhibition offers a visual representation of the intangible self by pushing process to its limits.

List of works

  1. Soul/Soul-less, watercolour on paper, $1350
  2. Besides, watercolour on paper, $475
  3. Further On, watercolour on paper, $165
  4. Almost, watercolour on paper, $165
  5. Growing Pains, watercolour on paper, $950
  6. All Founded, watercolour on paper, $265
  7. Unknown, watercolour on paper, $175
  8. Vesper, watercolour on paper, $220
  9. Cascading, watercolour on paper, $150
  10. Breached, watercolour on paper, $295
  11. No Sleep (Dreamer), watercolour on paper, $250
  12. At My World’s End, watercolour on timber, $320
  13. Pouring, Reflecting I, watercolour on timber, $1150