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Madi Community of Tasmania

Madi Community of Tasmania

Moonah Taste of the World ONLINE

Glenorchy City Council is proud to present Moonah Taste of the World Online – a series of short films depicting the colour and culture of the festival.

Moonah Taste of the World Festival is Southern Tasmania’s most popular multicultural festival, with thousands attending the event each year in March. 2020 saw many events cancelled and Glenorchy City Council made the difficult decision to postpone the 10th anniversary of Moonah Taste of the World Festival. Instead, we invite you to experience Moonah Taste of the World Online!

Introducing: The Madi Community of Tasmania

“Madi Community of Tasmania represents Madi people from South Sudan. Mure is a traditional dance that involves all ages in singing, drumming and dancing. The Dance celebrates the memory and the contribution of both old and young people, some older people who have passed, their legacy and the good things they have done for the Madi Community. In the song we call some of those Elders names. We also dance this Mure for our physical and mental health to keep young and old active and happy. We enjoy this together and it gives us a strong sense of belonging to our Community as Madi people.” – Agnes Sestilio

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