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Ilyas Hussain

Ilyas Hussain

Moonah Taste of the World ONLINE

Glenorchy City Council is proud to present Moonah Taste of the World Online – a series of short films depicting the colour and culture of the festival.

Moonah Taste of the World Festival is Southern Tasmania’s most popular multicultural festival, with thousands attending the event each year in March. 2020 saw many events cancelled and Glenorchy City Council made the difficult decision to postpone the 10th anniversary of Moonah Taste of the World Festival. Instead, we invite you to experience Moonah Taste of the World Online!

Introducing: Ilyas Hussain playing Chitrali Sitar

Song Title: Ka duchara geti Ashru daryah berai

“Chitral is a beautiful valley in the North West of Pakistan. The people of Chitral are peace loving and very hospitable. They enjoy music and don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate their happy times with traditional dance. Khowar language is spoken in Chitral. This particular song is about the hardship the lover has faced to achieve her love. I can relate this song to the hardships I have faced in Australia as a new immigrant.” – Ilyas Hussain

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