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Frida’s Carload

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Frida’s Carload
Artist: Tony Woodward
mosaic sculpture
Location: Moonah Arts Centre, Albert Road, Moonah

Commissioned to celebrate the redevelopment of the old Moonah Arts Centre in 1999. Frida’s Carload features acclaimed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and some of her influences; exhiled communist leader Leon Trotsky, psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, Spanish poet Garcia Lorca, and Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. The sculptural car with the five figures expresses the typical brightness of Latin colours. Frida’s Carload aims to express the unpretentious nature of the arts in Glenorchy City.

Originally sited at Hopkins Street, Frida’s Carload moved with Moonah Arts Centre to its current home on Albert Road in 2015.

Photographs: Rosie Hastie