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FreekShow mural

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Artist: FreekShow (Sarah Wells)
Location: Corridor of Modern Art, Intercity Cycleway. Back of Boating Camping Fishing, Derwent Park.

Sarah Wells, AKA FreekShow, is an emerging, Hobart based artist, who works with a range of mediums and scale in the dedication to bring to life her own multicoloured, fictionalised worlds. The artist utilises acrylic paint, animation and drawing as her mediums, often on canvas or an urban street wall. With biting sarcasm and exaggerated coloration, reoccurring themes throughout the works often include warped ideals of body image, inappropriate awkwardness and alienation. These themes are told through hyper-toned aesthetic for which is always made up of fictionalised caricatures within fantasy environments.

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Photographs: Jonny Scholes, Vibrance.