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First Car and Chips Raffety

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First Car and Chips Rafferty

Janice & Keith Wiggins

Interview with Mt Faulkner Primary Grades 5/6, 2005

Timothy Butterworth, Joshua Stokes, Renee Batchelor,

Kyle Sarne, Caitlyn Santi, Kaitlyn Jetson

JANICE     “That’s my first drivers license. I got that here in Chigwell, because when we got to Chigwell we were classed as ‘country’, otherwise I would have had to go right into the city to get a drivers license, so I was lucky enough to go to the policeman here and get my drivers license here, and that’s the car I got it in.”

KEITH       “That is a 1931 A Model Ford, and that was the first car we came to Chigwell in. We got it in 1952. It was first owned by a policeman in the city in Hobart. He bought it brand new. Since that time it only had one more owner, and we were the third owners of a beautiful car!”

JANICE     “It was like brand new. It was absolutely beautiful, and of course we kept it lovely.”

KEITH       “Those days to go to a place like old beach or Seven Mile beach, it was a full days trip to get there. Today you hop in the car & you’re there in no time aren’t ya!”

KEITH       “We were driving in that old A Model Ford up through a place called Elizabeth Town, we didn’t know at the time, but on the back of the car it still had “just married” on the back and I’d forgotten about it. Well this big black car came right up beside us and they’re blowing on the horn and cheering, ‘cause we were just married, and when I turned around and looked, it was this film star Chips Rafferty! He was in there with three others and they’re giving us a rally!” (1955)


TOP IMAGE: Janice & Keith Wiggins, 11th March 1959 (Janice’s Birthday)