Exhibit MAC

Exhibitions and artworks from Moonah Arts Centre’s visual arts program. Here you will find virtual exhibitions, digital artworks and online extras.

Paper artwork

1998-2011 / ١٩٩٨-٢٠١١

Nadia Refaei explores how family photographs and other records act as vestiges of ‘homeland’ — and how they can be reworked and re-contextualised to express loss and longing for place.

Photo of a figure watching a house fire

The Sacrifice

Toby Juliff re-imagines Tarkovsky’s last great cinematic masterpiece The Sacrifice (1986) using locally sourced audio recordings of hazard reduction burnings.

Colourful painting

Process Proves Perfection

Process, reflection and routine are the basis of Catherine D’Orazio’s art practice. Her non-objective colour-field watercolours express the emotional psyche and illuminate internal conditions.

Waste-Ed Art 2020

Waste-Ed Art is Glenorchy City Council’s Waste Services art competition for students in Glenorchy schools. This year students responded to the theme – Sort it out! – looking at Glenorchy’s move to a three bin waste collection service.

The Fish Market

Tasmanian mosaic artist Sue Leitch invites you to experience the colour, the noise, the smells, the shimmer of slick scales and spiked fins — of the fish markets of Italy and Greece.

Glenorchy Open 2020

Open to all artists living or working in the Glenorchy City municipality, this exhibition celebrates the creativity of our community. The exhibition at Moonah Arts Centre was cut short, but now you can view it online.