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Continental Drift

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A disc with a picture of the world on it.

Continental Drift

Music from three continents, meeting on the Island of Tasmania.

Continental Drift was performed at Moonah Arts Centre in 2015 as part of a year long project curated by Matthew Fargher of Bedlam Music.

Produced with the support of Moonah Arts Centre, and the Tasmanian State Government through Arts Tasmania.

Featuring: Santhana and Sakthi Mohi Mahyar, Betsy Hanson, Saeid Tatality, Shuang Shuang, Zhang, Payday, Big Money, Ahsan and Dav’e Ragalicious, MYB and Lady Bella, Madi Young Boys, Madi Adungu, Favad and AF Shin Milad Vaezi Persian Band.