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Chigwell History Project

The project was initiated in 2005, by the Berriedale / Chigwell Precinct Committee from a desire to know more about the history of their area, and to bring together members of the Chigwell Community through the collection and recording of community history.

Mt Faulkner Primary, Bucaan Community House (formerly known as Chigwell Community House), Chigwell Youth Group, the Berriedale / Chigwell Community Precinct Committee, and various individuals from the community researched different areas of interest through and alongside a series of workshops with historian Irene Schaffer and artist/photographer Lucia Rossi.

The resulting collection of works combine to create a glimpse into the history of Chigwell and how history can influence a contemporary sense of place.


Project Steering Committee – Janice Wiggins

Project Steering Committee – Janice Wiggins

Berriedale/Chigwell Community Precinct –  Keith Wiggins, Darrell Vincent

Bucaan Community House (formerly Chigwell Community House) & the Chigwell Youth Group – Doreen MacDonald, Linda Kemp

Mt Faulkner Primary School – Rhonda Woods, Graham Watkins, Nikki Smith, Leanne Pelikan & the Aboriginal Education Unit

Glenorchy History Group – Phil Butler, Col Dennison

Photographer/ Workshop Leader – Lucia Rossi

Historian/ Workshop Leader – Irene Schaffer

Glenorchy City Council Community Cultural Development ProgramEleanor Downes, Michael McLaughlin

Glenorchy City Council Community Precinct Program – Ivan Zwart, Andrea Marquardt, Sue bis Winckel, Dianne McGuinness


With thanks to:

Rosemary Pearce, Department of Health & Human Services – Wingfield Library & Mary Fraser, TAFE Tasmania Department of Art Craft & Design, Pulse Youth Health Centre, Derwent Entertainment Centre, Peter Willans – Housing Tasmania, GCC Roads & Recreation Department, Elders from Leprena, Uniting Aboriginal & Islander Christian Congress, Grant Finlay, Kickstart Arts Inc, Judy Hunter, Ian Turner, Jennie Gorringe, Alonso Morales, and Brad Williams.

Chigwell History Project gratefully acknowledges the support of Housing Tasmania and Glenorchy City Council Heritage Program.