Artworks by Dawit

Dawit Dersolign

Friday 4 June – Saturday 26 June 2021
Moonah Arts Centre

The above video is a walk through of the exhibition “Artworks by Dawit” by Dawit Dersolign.


Dawit does not call himself an artist. A long time ago, when he was a little boy he liked to try different things, like art, woodwork, and metalwork, but did not continue with this as he grew up. In 1986, as a teenager he lived in a refugee camp in Sudan. At this time he reconnected with art, working with the International Rescue Committee for 2 years painting educational scenes for the Education Resource Centre. After this he did not make any art again until 3 years ago when he started working at Life Raft Tasmania. In this job he began gathering and taking home waste materials, much to the bemusement of his co-workers. In these materials he saw possibility, and combined with his imagination, natural gift for colour and pattern, and some acrylic paint and glue, he transformed them into beautiful new artworks.

Through his work Dawit wants to encourage people to take a second look at what they throw in the rubbish bin. Many things that we otherwise consider to be rubbish can be given a new life or turned into art, saving the environment, and saving us money.

The artworks in this exhibition are made from approximately 90% recycled materials, including: cardboard, cardboard tubes, pool noodles, rope, paper straws, paddle pop sticks, foam offcuts, beads, core flute board, and many other bits and pieces.

This is Dawit Dersolign’s first exhibition. He was born in Ethiopia and moved to Tasmania ten years ago, he lives in Glenorchy.

Dawit would like to thank the staff at Life Raft System Australia.

All artworks in this exhibition are available for sale. Artworks are priced between $200 and $1,200. If you are interested in purchasing an artwork that you see here please contact the Moonah Arts Centre, details below.
(03) 6216 6316