Moonah Music

Ambient Island

A figure holds a blanket, but the image is distorted by effects.

Sonnett — Ambient Island

Ambient Island was conceived as a Friday Nights Live concert at Moonah Arts Centre. The live event would have seen local contemporary electronic musicians exploring spacialised sound in an ambient music context at MAC in April 2020.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, we had to cancel the event. It was important to us to continue to support the artists and our community with content during this period, so we’ve transitioned to an online format. We commissioned work from the artists who would have performed live for Ambient Island.

This video is the outcome of one of those commissions.

Thanks to Sonnett for their understanding and adaptability to the new context. We hope you enjoy it.

Extra energy after a picnic Sonnett DJs the D2

As life plays out on the Sims2

Sonnett grew out of Piha NZ, when an old man 60+ holding three chairs went missing after sunset at the beach. He was later found sitting on one of those chairs waiting for his wife and daughter at home.