Exhibit MACGlenorchy Open 2020

A City for Every Thing

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Marnie Wilson
A City for Every Thing, 2019
graphite and ink on paper
25 x 34cm (includes frame)
Not for sale
In the late 80s, Moscow’s Paper Architect collective rebelled against the constraints of Soviet architecture by imaging fantasy structures that were never meant to be built. Their detailed utopias (or often, dystopias) were half dream, half critique; a stark and melancholy commentary on loss and dehumanisation. Taking inspiration from the Paper Architect’s fantastical yet technically impressive output, I have envisioned the architecture of our shared digital lives. Data is ordered and knowledge leads to growth, but the illusion of ease and freedom belies a cold and restrictive complexity. The internet has changed our lives immeasurably; often for the better. But does its architecture serve the user?

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